Colonial United States

Encounter, Settlement, Conquest

Axtell, James, The Invasion Within
Brooks, James, Captives and Cousins
Calloway, Colin, One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West Before Lewis and Clark
Crosby, Alfred, Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe
Cressy, David, Coming Over
Eccles, W.J., France in America
Gutierrez, Ramon, When Jesus Came the Corn Mother Went Away
Haefeli, Evan and Kevin Sweeney, Captives and Captors
Horn, Adapting to a New World
Kupperman, Karen, Settling with the Indians
Lepore, Jill, In the Name of War
White, Richard, The Middle Ground

Colonial Economy

Berlin, Ira, Generations of Captivity
Berlin, Many Thousands Gone
Breen, T.H., Tobacco Culture
Cronon, William, Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England
Lemon, James T., The Best Poor Man’s Country: A Geographical Study of Early Southeastern Pennsylvania
Taylor, Alan, American Colonies
Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher, Good Wives
Usner, Daniel, Indians, Settlers and Slaves in a Frontier Exchange Economy
Wood, Betty, The Origins of American Slavery

Colonial Culture and Society

Berkin, Carol, First Generations
Bonomi, Pat, The Lord Cornbury Scandal
Bonomi, Under the Cope of Heaven
Boyer, Paul and Stephen Nissenbaum, Salem Possessed
Breen, Louise, Transgressing the Bounds: Subversive Enterprises Among the Puritan Elite
Bushman, Richard, King and People in Provincial Massachusetts
Bushman, From Puritan to Yankee
Carson, ed., Of Consuming Interests: The Style of Life in the Eighteenth Century
Dayton, Cornelia Hughes, Women Before the Bar: Gender, Law and Society in Connecticut
Demos, John, Circles and Lines
Demos, The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America
Hall, David, World of Wonders, Days of Judgment
Isaac, Rhys, The Transformation of Virginia
Karlson, Devil in the Shape of a Woman
Landsman, Ned, From Colonials to Provincials
Morgan, Philip, Slave Counterpoint: Black Culture in the 18th Century Chesapeake and Lowcountry
Noll, Mark, The Rise of Evangelicalism
Norton, Mary Beth, In the Devil’s Snare
Piersen, William, Black Yankees
Reis, Elizabeth, Damned Women

Conflict and Revolution

Anderson, Fred, Crucible of War
Bailyn, Bernard, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution
Banning, Lance, The Jeffersonian Persuasion: Evolution of a Party Ideology.
Breen, T.H., “ ‘Baubles of Britain’: The American and Consumer Revolutions of the Eighteenth Century,” Past & Present 119 (1988): 73-104
Butler, Jon, Becoming America
Dowd, Gregory, A Spirited Resistance
Foner, Eric, Tom Paine and Revolutionary America
Heyrman, Christine, Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt
Holton, Woody, Forced Founders: Indians, Debtors, Slaves, and the Making of the American Revolution in Virginia
Jennings, Francis, Empire of Fortune
Nash, Gary, The Urban Crucible: Social Change, Political Consciousness, and the Origins of the American Revolution
Warner, Michael, The Letters of the Republic: Publication and the Public Sphere in Eighteenth-Century America
Wood, Gordon, The Radicalism of the American Revolution.

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