Old Regime and Revolutionary France, ca. 1650-1800

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal


Bloch, French Rural History
Doyle, Origins of the French Revolution
Doyle, Oxford History of the French Revolution
Woloch, Eighteenth-Century Europe: Tradition and Progress


1. Rural economy and society

Flynn, European Demographic System
Goubert, French Peasantry in the 17th C.
Root, Peasants and King in Burgundy

2. Urban life and the growth of commercial society

Sonenscher, Work and Wages
Roche, The People of Paris
Miller, Mastering the Market

3. The French colonial system under the Old Regime

McClellan, Colonialism and Science: St Domingue in the Old Regime
King, Blue Coat or Powdered Wig
Choquette, Frenchmen into Peasants

4. Religion, nation, nationalism

Bell, Cult of the Nation
Merrick, Desacralization of the French Monarchy
McManners, Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France
Tackett, Priest and Parish

5. Political thought and the absolute state

Burke, Fabrication of Louis XIV
Mousnier, Les institutions de la France sous l’ancien regime
Beik, Absolutism and Society
Kwass, Privilege and the Politics of Taxation
Blanning, Power of Culture and the Culture of Power

6. Enlightenment and the public sphere, at home and abroad

Roche, France in the Enlightenment
Hesse, The Other Enlightenment
Israel, Radical Enlightenment
Jacob, Radical Enlightenment
Darnton, Great Cat Massacre
Maza, Private Lives and Public Affairs
Bell, Lawyers and Citizens
Sepinwall, Abbe Gregoire and the French Revolution
Wright, A Classical Republican in Eighteenth-C. France: Mably


7. The Revolution: origins

Darnton, Forbidden Bestsellers
Chartier, Cultural Origins
Furet, Penser la Révolution française
Hobsbawm, Echoes of the Marseillaise
Tackett, Becoming a Revolutionary
Lefebvre review of Labrousse, Crise de l’economie francaise
Lefebvre, Coming of the FR

8. Revolutionary political ideology: constitutional monarchy to Jacobin Republic

Baker, Inventing the FR
Sonenscher, ed., Sieyès: Political Writings
Sewell, A Rhetoric of Bourgeois Revolution
Gauchet, La Revolution des droits de l’homme
Furet and Ozouf, eds., Dictionnaire critique: idees
Walzer, Regicide and Revolution

9. The Revolution and commercial society

Sewell, Work and Revolution in France
Kaplan, La fin des corporations
Rothschild, Economic Sentiments
Paul Cheney, “The History and Science of Commerce in the Century of Enlightenment”
John Shovlin, “Luxury, Political Economy, and the Rise of Commercial Society”

10. The Revolution and the countryside

Lefebvre, The Great Fear
Jones, Peasantry and the French Revolution
Markhoff articles (x2)
Crubaugh, Balancing the Scales of Justice

11. Revolution at home, revolution abroad: “expansion” and resistance

Blanning, The French Revolution in Germany
Godechot, La grande nation
Schama, Patriots and Liberators
Polasky, Revolution in Brussels
Elliott, Partners in Revolution: The United Irishmen and France
Palmer, Age of the Democratic Revolution
McMahon, Enemies of Enlightenment

12. Colonies in Revolution

Dubois, Avengers of the New World
Dubois, Colony of Citizens
Geggus, Impact of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World
Fick, Making of Haiti
Geggus, Slavery, War and Revolution
Geggus, Haitian Revolutionary Studies

13. Terror and violence: Revolution gone awry?

Dupuy, Chouans
Sutherland and Le Goff, “Social Origins”
Andress, The Terror
Brown, Ending the French Revolution
Palmer, Twelve Who Ruled
Soboul, The Parisian Sans-Culottes
Higonnet, Goodness Beyond Virtue
Gough, Terror in the FR
Martin, La Vendee et la France

14. The Directory: ending the Revolution?

Godechot, Institutions de la France sous la RF…
Woloch, Jacobin Legacy
Woloch, The New Regime
Belissa, Repenser l’ordre europeen

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